Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is ( ) is a social network services that let you build and expand your social network, discover potential job opportunities and reach talents that best fit positions in your company.

  • Are you hiring? There is a talent database, find someone seems great, reach him directly!
  • Have got a candidate seems qualified, would like to do some reference checking? Definitely, someone in your network knows him! Searching within your network and find out whom this “Someone” is!
  • After a long…long period of interview, the HR manager just told you they cannot even match your current salary… Check it out before the whole process even begins!
  • Think you are qualified for Rocks! Company, but your resume flushed into the recruiter’s junk mail folder… Why not to find someone you can reach directly in Rocks! Company, and ask him to forward your resume directly to the recruiter?
  • Finding a job is sucks! Would like job opportunities to hit you instead? Full of opportunities are rushing here!

Humans, companies, positions, jobs, …, are all connected together, easily searching, discovering and reaching. That’s!

3. I’m trying to register a new user account, but I’m just not receiving that verification email. What can I do?

Make sure you have provided the correct email address and don’t forget to check your junk folder for emails from Sometimes, some email provider will mistakenly categorize your verification email as spams.

If you are sure that you've provided the correct email address, and cannot find the mail in your junk mail folder, you should add "" as your email contacts and goto your junk mail settings, add "" to your email whitelist and "" to your domain whitelist.

And then, ask us to send you another verification email.

4. What do 0, 1, 2 and 3 in search results mean?
  • 0 means from yourself.
  • 1 means from your 1st Connections, that are your friends directly connected to you.
  • 2 means from your 2nd Connections, that are friends of your friends.
  • 3 means from your 3rd Connections, that you can reach easily through your network.
5. How to send invitations to my friends, and invite them to join my network?

Qpou won’t send any invitations to any of your friends without your permission. So, you have to send all your invitations by yourself. Fortunately, it’ll be pretty easy to send them out with plenty of ways we are offering here.

  • When you are signing up, choose "Verify by Password" to verify your email address, and at the same time, manually check the "Invite my friends to join my network" option (Please be sure to check it manually, the default action is NOT to invite). After that, we’ll send your invitations for you as you requested.
  • If you've already registered, and activated your account, you can checkout the Friend Finder. With Friend Finder, you can easily import your MSN&Windows Live, Gmail&Gtalk, Yahoo! Mail, QQ, 163&126 and much more of your existing contacts to Qpou. And then, select the imported contacts you’d like to invite, click the "Invite them to join my network" button. is a social network services that can help you and your friends to strenthen you relationships, discover lost connections and expand your existing network.

And much more, there are many recruiters and headhunters here searching for candidates everyday. You and your friends may probably become their targets, which means better job opportunities for all of you!

6. How do I use the money in my Qpou account?

If you find there is a job opportunity interest you, you may like to contact the recruiter or someone that can help you get the job directly. The money in your account can help you then.

If you find there is a candidate best fit the position in your or your client's company, you may need the money to contact that guy then.