Lei Wang

Lei Wang

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  • Founder & CEO @ Qpou (Beijing)
  • Software Design Engineer @ Roxbeam (Beijing)
  • Software Design Engineer @ UiTV (Beijing)
  • Computer Science and Technology @ Tianjin University
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Passion, Self-confidence and Perseverance


C/C++, python, C#, Java, HTML, javascript, SQL, Windows, Linux/Unix


Founder & CEO @ Qpou (Beijing)

2008-07-08 -- Present ( 13 year(s), 0 month(s) )

This is my works, and you are using it:)

Software Design Engineer @ Roxbeam (Beijing)

2006-05-08 -- 2008-07-07 ( 2 year(s), 2 month(s) )

• Rayfile.com (Formerly fs2you.com. A file hosting service). I started this service later 2006, and it became NUM. 1 file hosting service in China under my managing.

Software Design Engineer @ UiTV (Beijing)

2004-04-12 -- 2006-04-28 ( 2 year(s), 0 month(s) )

• Experienced the full cycle of developing stages of IPTV solution for CCTV, from the brainstorm period to its tuning and maintenance stages.
• Owner of DRM (Digital Rights Management Distributed System), SMS (Subscriber Management Distributed System, include a passport system) and BossAgent Distributed Systems (Collaborate with Portal, our BOSS, and BOSSes from ISPs like CNC Beijing, CNC Shandong, China Telecom, etc).


Computer Science and Technology @ Tianjin University

2000-08-01 -- 2004-08-01 ( 4 year(s), 0 month(s) )

• A freeware: extensible Wonlay Dynamic DNS Client.
• Wonlay free domain name service and free store ip service on Wonlay.com.
• GooglePlus (Access google cache even behind China’s GFW, following links in google cache with google cache too.).
• A plug-in for MSN Messenger, which allow Tianjin Mobile customers sending short messages with MSN Messenger.