Lanlan Lin

Lanlan Lin


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  • quasicrystals superfluidity @ Institute of Physics, CAS, China
  • magnetic physics @ University of Science and Technilogy of China
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I am a senior physics scientist at condensed matter physics, magnetic GMR multilayers, neutron diffractions, superfluidity quasicrystals, optical non-linear photonic crystals, biophysics, nanomaterials. I indagated into research at Department of Physics, Wake Forest University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University, and Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, USA as post-doc from 2000 to 2004. I was promulgated Ph. D and Bachelor degrees at IOP, CAS in 2000 and University of Science and Technology of China in 1995. Thank you!


physics, magnetic GMR multilayers, superfluidity, optical lasers, biophysics.


Zingy physics scinetist @ Institute of Physics, CAS, China (北京)

2004-11-08 -- 至今 ( 15年零3个月 )

interface optical photonic laser low-temperature superfluidity superconductors condensed matter physics research work concerning upon the quantum photonic integrated nanostructural materials multichannel AsPSnIn and SiO2 CDF platform communicate systerm, LED, omnidirectional antenna, spontanous emission of the Lamb shift embedded inside the quantum electrodynamics, quantum entanglement state and information, ultrafast photonic threshholdless laser switchers, cascaded multistaged multimode sissors, micropumps, microgears, optical delay lines, and dynamical near-field optical imaging algorithem physics.

senior Unhackneyed post-doctoral research associate @ Wake Forest University (温斯顿-赛伦)

2003-12-01 -- 至今 ( 16年零2个月 )

biophysical biochemical hemoglobin myglobin reacting with PTIO, Histidine, nitrite oxide, nitrate, PCA, catalase, glucase, PCAD etc.

Senior Promethean post-doctoral research associate @ Iowa State University (得梅因)

2001-12-01 -- 至今 ( 18年零2个月 )

magnetic inelastic thermal spallation neutron diffraction technology to scrutinize the magnetic moments of colossal magnetocarolic Tb(Dy, Er, Ho, Sm)SiGe, and magnetostrictive compounds. TEM, SEM, PPMS, AFM, X-ray, ARPES. optical photonic crystals waveguide microcavity.

Neoteric post-doctoral research associate @ Department of Chemistry, University of Washington (西雅图)

2000-09-18 -- 2001-05-02 ( 0年零8个月 )

Strongly-rolling multiwall carbon nanowires, nanotubes Au, Ag, CdS, ZnS, AuHCl4, AgSe, Raman spectra, TEM, SEM.


quasicrystals superfluidity @ Institute of Physics, CAS, China

1996-09-08 -- 2000-07-20 ( 3年零10个月 )

low-T transport properties of quasicrystals and supercoductors, GMR multilayers spin valve sensors.

magnetic physics @ University of Science and Technilogy of China

1991-09-08 -- 1996-07-20 ( 4年零10个月 )

Quantum magnetic GMR multilayers deposited by magneic sputtering technique, spin valve sensors, read head, magnetic storage.